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We will offer you painting workshops in Cascais, a small village near Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and near Sintra.

Our goal is to provide painting courses during the holidays that offer a unique experience of some of the most beautiful beaches, golf courses, gardens and villages of Europe, which can be found in Cascais and the surrounding area. 



Margarida Ornelas

From May to September of this year, the Museum-Library Conde de Castro Guimarães, organises the exhibition called 
“Everyday Life and Landscapes in the 19th-20th centuries”.

This exhibition aims at giving a vision, as broad as possible, of one of the most important periods in the history of Cascais, the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, in the year which marks the 650 years of Cascais becoming a Town.

Approximately 45 pieces will be presented (paintings, watercolours and drawings) representing aspects of Cascais and its people, in particular marine and land landscapes, the sea, bathing and fishing activities.

In addition to pieces from the Museum's collection and from several national museums, pieces from various private collectors will also be displayed. These pieces consist of creations by some of the most prestigious national romantic/ naturalist and tardo-naturalist painters, who better represent the everyday life and landscapes of that period in Cascais. Here we highlight Miguel Ângelo Lupi, Visconde de Atouguia, João Vaz, Sousa Pinto, D. Carlos de Bragança, Carlos Bonvalot and Roque Gameiro.

Date: May-15th to Sep-21th, 2014 

Local: Museu - Biblioteca Conde de Castro Guimarães

Link to the article in CM Cascais Site.