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(+351) 93 224 4582

We will offer you painting workshops in Cascais, a small village near Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and near Sintra.

Our goal is to provide painting courses during the holidays that offer a unique experience of some of the most beautiful beaches, golf courses, gardens and villages of Europe, which can be found in Cascais and the surrounding area. 



Margarida Ornelas

We regret to inform that Cristina Brum is not collaborating with Paint in Portugal from now on.

Cristina was participating in the project,  since the beginning, in 2014, and has been a wonderful help and support in all our business areas.

The staff of Paint in Portugal, manager, tutors and associated partners would like to thank Cristina for her contribuition, dedication and disponibility during all this time with us and wish her all happiness in her future endeavours.

In her absence, Margarida Ornelas can be contacted for all related concerns. Margarida can be reached via email at .

Lamentamos informar que Cristina Brum deixou de colaborar com Paint in Portugal.

Cristina participou no projeto desde o início em 2014, e foi uma grande ajuda e apoio em todas as nossas áreas de negócio. 

O staff de Paint in Portugal, manager, tutores e parceiros associados agradecem a Cristina pela sua contribuição, dedicação e disponibilidade durante todo este tempo connosco e desejam-lhe todo o sucesso para seus futuros empreendimentos e projetos pessoais.

Na sua ausência, e para qualquer assunto relacionado, Margarida Ornelas deve ser contactada através do email .


Cascais, 23 de Julho 2016

Margarida Ornelas