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We will offer you painting workshops in Cascais, a small village near Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and near Sintra.

Our goal is to provide painting courses during the holidays that offer a unique experience of some of the most beautiful beaches, golf courses, gardens and villages of Europe, which can be found in Cascais and the surrounding area. 

PAINTING HOLIDAY "Ordinary people" with Eudes Correia - Cascais 2018Sep


PAINTING HOLIDAY "Ordinary people" with Eudes Correia - Cascais 2018Sep

Margarida Ornelas

This Painting Holiday in Cascais - Workshop with Eudes Correia

Here are some beautiful Eudes Correia paintings. The workshop took place in Hotel Baía studio

First day workshop - explanations about the materials, exploring brushes and paper, composition, contrasts and shadows, tonal values, synthesis and other important tips.

Working on the first painting.

Here are some pages of Eudes Correia sketch book

Our second painting…Sketches to study composition and first layer

Third day - After the workshop we went to Cascais Market and had a light lunch and did some sketching

Last day workshop - We finished the last painting. This one had three layer and more details. Eudes favourite colour COBALT TURQUOISE LIGHT…

Last day workshop - Exhibition of all participants works and group photo

Last day workshop - Cascais - View from Sta. Maria House, Conde Castro Guimarães Palace and Sta. Marta Lighthouse

Sitting on a rock stair, sketching…

Friday - Sintra Tour - Pena Palace Gardens

Painting Holiday Eudes Correi 2018_115.JPG

Friday - Sintra Tour - Pena Palace

Friday - Sintra Tour - Azenhas do Mar (first photo by Jan Londres photo

Jan londers photo

Friday - Sintra Tour - Guincho, Cresmina beach

Dinner - “Baía do Peixe” Restaurant

Cascais Bay - Fresh fish