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(+351) 93 224 4582

We will offer you painting workshops in Cascais, a small village near Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and near Sintra.

Our goal is to provide painting courses during the holidays that offer a unique experience of some of the most beautiful beaches, golf courses, gardens and villages of Europe, which can be found in Cascais and the surrounding area. 

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Julia Barminova

Margarida Ornelas



Julia Barminova is a talented Russian watercolourist.

Since 2012 she works in watercolour technique, combining the classical school with her own exclusive methods.





She travels and conducts master classes in different countries During trips to the fishing villages and the largest port cities of America, Europe and Russia, Julia has begun her currently most famous series of watercolours - "Islands in the Stream", dedicated to the play of light and color on the surface of the water and to the structure and configuration of ships, boats and yachts.






Also, Julia’s favorite subjects are bicycles, flowers, textured sketches and gothic architecture. She have a popular blog in instagram about impressions, inspiration and watercolour (@juliabarminova). 


Primary media:

  • watercolour

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