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We will offer you painting workshops in Cascais, a small village near Portugal’s capital Lisbon, and near Sintra.

Our goal is to provide painting courses during the holidays that offer a unique experience of some of the most beautiful beaches, golf courses, gardens and villages of Europe, which can be found in Cascais and the surrounding area. 

Master Class with Julia Barminova – "Marine Watercolours", 22 Feb - 24 Feb 2019

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Master Class with Julia Barminova – "Marine Watercolours", 22 Feb - 24 Feb 2019

Margarida Ornelas

with Julia Barminova in CASCAIS VILLAGE - Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Code: WV902J
Date: 22 Feb - 24 Feb 2019
Price: 325 € / 245€


** Please read "Terms & Conditions"  and "How to make a Booking" .

It is fascinating when a small amount of watercolours with different saturation and shade become something significant on a white sheet of paper.

Having experienced a watercolour technique on a “simple-to-complex” basis and having painted the sea under the guidance of Julia Barminova you will look at the marine watercolours with a precise understanding of HOW it was done.

“I’ve been to about forty seaport towns under my project “Islands in the Stream and I love to discover new places. My next sea themed workshop will be held not far from Lisbon in the port of Cascais, Portugal. It is truly and ideal place to learn how to paint water in watercolours. The Atlantic Ocean is literally outside our studio’s windows and there will be a plein-air in the port.

The wash of waves and hundreds of subjects to paint: textured fishing boats and stunning yachts, flashes of light and seagulls.”

Workshop Program

Day 1

Work in the studio

  • Introduction to materials, selection of paper, brushes and paints.

  • Overview of important watercolour aspects that are necessary when painting water in a la prima technique.

  • Several levels of sea complexity gradation; reflection options, search for light and contrast.

  • Things that you need to pay attention to while choosing the subject for painting and how to look for a subject in a seaport and a seashore.

  • Practical use of theoretical skills.

  • Working thoroughly on a wave structure for wide use in seascapes.

Day 2

Work in the studio

  • Painting with watercolours in “seascape” genre in four parts: waves, reflections, flashes of light and details.

Day 3

Julia Barminova - Works

Plein-air painting in the port. Painting sea and boats from life.

  • The sea will be the key component of our plein-air. Sea at sunrise, at sundown, on the beach, in the port, sea with waves beating against the shore and calm sea that reflects boats as in a mirror.

  • The workshop is to be held with the support of Royal Talens and we provide the participants with the same colours of Rembrandt and Van Gogh that are used by the instructor. All you need to bring with you is your usual set of watercolours and a plastic palette.

Our prices:

Days Price
3 days 325 €
2 days 245 €


  1. Plein-air painting can be rescheduled due to weather conditions.

  2. The workshop is for both intermediate and advance students.

  3. The workshop is in English translation to Portuguese and Russian can be provided in specific topics, if needed.